Someone devoured the middle class

DEBOLSILLO, Octubre 2014

Someone Devoured the Middle Class

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When the middle class stars in a horror film, Europe trembles.

When Europe directs a horror film, the middle class trembles.

Do we know how to recognize our oldest fears? Where are the monsters that want to suck our blood?

And worst of all... what the hell does it mean to be Europeans?

Aleix Saló broadens his horizons and leads us on a safari across the European Union, a wild and untamed territory where not even God knows which

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  • Título: Euronightmare
  • Autor (es): Aleix Saló
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  • Precio sin IVA:2.88 €
  • Precio con IVA: 2.99 €
  • Fecha publicación: 10/2014
  • Idioma: Inglés
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  • ISBN: 9788490624586
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  • Temáticas: Humor, Business
  • Colección: Best Seller | Cómic
  • Edad recomendada: Adultos

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