Tell Me Who I Am

PLAZA & JANÉS, Febrero 2014

A journalist receives a proposal to investigate the eventful life of his great-grandmother, about whom all that is known is that she fled Spain, abandoning her husband and child, shortly before the Civil War broke out.

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The memoir of an entire century, this novel adds a new, original chapter to Julia Navarro's best-selling career. Tell Me Who I Am surprises and enchants with a captivating and heartrending story. This is a novel about memory and identity with an exceptionally well-drawn and unforgettable literary character: a woman who throughout her extraordinary life was able to achieve the highly difficult feat of knowing herself. A victim of her mistakes, aware of her guilt, frightened by her traumas, she

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  • Título: Tell Me Who I Am
  • Autor (es): Julia Navarro
  • Traductor:  
  • Sello: PLAZA & JANÉS
  • Precio sin IVA:6.72 €
  • Precio con IVA: 6.99 €
  • Fecha publicación: 02/2014
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Formato, páginas: eBook, 0
  • Medidas:   mm
  • ISBN: 9788401343063
  • EAN:  
  • Temáticas: Literatura contemporánea
  • Colección: éxitos
  • Edad recomendada: Adultos

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